e2E and TAO Tech UK sign Memorandum of Understanding

e2E and TAO Tech UK sign Memorandum of Understanding

e2E, a leading UK provider of system engineering and technical consultancy services and a developer of state-of-the-art solutions for the satcom industry, has recently finalised a Memorandum of Understanding with High Altitude Platform/Pseudo Satellite (HAPs) company TAO Tech UK to develop a long-term partnership and generate business opportunities in the communications, observations and satellite sectors.

TAO’s light than air vessels are capable of flying at high altitudes; typically into the stratosphere, supporting various applications including communications services. “e2E have innovative, advanced and lightweight comms systems which fit nicely onto the TAO platform concept” – Glenn Jones, Managing Director, TAO Tech UK Ltd.

Whilst TAO Tech will own the development and operation of the platform, e2E will be developing a range of satellite communications nodes based on a proprietary low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) architecture and Software Defined Radio (SDR) design. Both companies will work together to explore and generate commercial opportunities in this sector addressing technology, operations and services related aspects.

Barry Ross, CEO of e2E said, “e2E is pleased to be working in collaboration with TAO Tech UK and on their developing HAP. With our concentration on satellite-based communications and connectivity, we feel this provides good synergies with the TAO team going forward.”

e2E aims to make satellite and satellite-like communication services available to smaller businesses that find existing satellite options too expensive or prohibitive. It will do this by delivering niche communication data services using smaller platforms, thereby making the market more accessible to a wider audience.

TAO Tech UK is a leading designer, manufacturer and operator or high altitude platforms and high altitude pseudo satellite. Established in the UK in 2017 it is the manufacturing and operational arm of Trans Atmospheric Operations GmbH of Germany and has over 20 years experience with lighter than air vehicles.