Inmarsat Global Express Network Management System

Inmarsat Global Express Network Management System

The GX Inmarsat network consists of three identical satellites, in geosynchronous orbit which provide global Ka-band coverage. Each Satellite communicates with a Satellite Access Station (SAS) for a total bandwidth of 4GHz per satellite.

The GX network is an IP network that comprises a terrestrial backbone, multiple backbone Points of Presence (POP), multiple Satellite Access Stations (SAS) and multiple satellite terminals. The main suppliers for the GX Network are Boeing for the spacecraft, iDirect for the SAS and Cisco for the POPs.

Working within the GX Operations Team this role focuses on ensuring the stable and correct functionality of the iDirect Network Management System (NMS) and the Cisco Service Enablement Platform (SEP). This highly varied role required prioritisation of tasks and the application of skills where most beneficial.


  • Pre release validation and acceptance of upgrades and patches, and the responsibility for the release of upgrades to the production environment for the iDirect NMS.
  • Requirements capture and generation of specification documents for change requests to the iDirect and Cisco SEP platforms required for GX SLA Reporter.
  • Rapid production and maintenance of system monitoring tools and GUIs, designed to quickly provide monitoring of trouble hotspots and operational KPIs within the GX network. This involved extensive use of a range of scripting tools and Splunk for visualisation.
  • Production of bespoke Linux and Python scripts, such as for capture and collection of data from Aviation terminals during flight testing.
  • Providing SME support for system integration with iDirect NMS and Cisco SEP APIs within Inmarsat.
  • Proactive monitoring of the software performance and root-cause analysis of management system faults and provisioning errors, taking ownership of these issues through to resolution.
  • Providing system administration support and RBAC configuration of NMS system.
  • Assisting other memebers of the GX Operations team by providing automation of repetetive processes.