Satellite Communication for Air Traffic Management

Concept of Operations for IRIS-P

The Iris Precursor Programme (IPP) was established to exploit an opportunity in the 2017-2025 timeframe from obtaining benefits from modifying an existing aviation communications service in order to support satellite communications for Air Traffic Control and in line of the future replacement satellite system being developed.

It represents an enhanced Swift Broadband service used to augment the existing VHF Data Link capability in Europe and thereby compliment the current Link2000+ and planned initial Four Dimensional (I4D) Air Traffic Service data link services delivery. The Programme extends the existing Swift Broadband Oceanic Safety Service to support the inclusion of ATN/OSI as a safety service.

The project consisted of providing support for the definition of the concept of operations for IRIS-P. It is part of the Operational Managed Service Contract between e2E and Inmarsat. This project covered the work under PO44330 for Preparatory Operational Services in two phases, EWP2 and EWP4.


Organisational Structure for Operations:

Definition of Operational Entities, Operational Roles, Operational Categories and Operational Functions.


Operational Functionality:

Definition of Use Cases and Actors (OE:Roles) and Identification of Operation-related Requirements.


Operational Scenarios:

Identification of Operational Deltas, Impact on Operations Solution, Potential Delta Operational Procedures, Dependencies and Impact of Security and Safety Requirements.


Service Delivery Plan:

Definition of Service Operations Solution, Inmarsat Operations Organisation and Mapping of Potential Delta Procedures to Inmarsat Teams.


Operational Deployment Plan:

Handover plan: Identification of Drivers and Milestones that lead to Operational Readiness.


Operability and Maintainability Plan:

Estimation of Delta Team Size for inital and full operations and Identification of Training Gaps.