Providing technical and operational support to numerous operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers operating within within the satellite communications domain.

e2E’s Commercial Systems Group forms the backbone of our satellite communications history, having supported a range of global and regional satellite communications systems. Whether GEO, MEO or LEO, this Group has domain experts that extend across the full end-to-end (i.e. e2E) system lifecycle, from feasibility analysis through to in-field maintenance and support. Experience and expertise is available covering all main communication frequency bands, including both fixed and mobile operations and encompassing land, air and maritime operations. This experience is also being increasingly used on new space constellations that are adopting smaller satellites and also involving other pseudo-satellite configurations including High Altitude Platforms and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 

Our high level of repeat business and established reputation is testament to the quality of the support we provide. This, together with our pragmatic approach, makes us an ideal choice for clients needing to expand their existing systems or build towards next generation network architectures.

Communications Systems Engineering

Systems VV&T

Network & Service Management

Communications Solutions Engineering

Software Defined Radio Engineering

Engineering Assurance

Satellite Operations Training

Satellite & Network Simulation

Agile Software Development

Security Engineering

Iris - Satcom for Aviation

Combining our knowledge in satellite communications to develop detailed CONOPS  for aviation.

Training Plan Design

Design and development of a new Training Plan and Environment for satellite operations teams.

Automated Test Tool

Creating an efficient and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment DEVOPS  environment.

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