Provision of domain specific communications capabilities to major Government Space Programmes

Comprising of experts with the necessary grounding in military, governmental and first-line responder services, e2E provides domain knowledge and practical skills to underlying communication systems operating within these domains. With relevant security clearances and dedicated personnel, the capabilities provided range across innovative studies, in-field demonstrations, system implementations and operational infrastructures often backed by a sharp user perspective. We have a firm understanding of domain specific capabilities including network security, encryption management, comms-on-the-move, C4ISR, tactical operations and strategic management. This, together with our familiarisation with architectural frameworks, methodologies and tool-sets, ensures that advice given is relevant, up-to-date and implementable.

Communications Systems Engineering

Systems VV&T

Network & Service Management

Communications Solutions Engineering

Software Defined Radio Engineering

Engineering Assurance

Satellite Operations Training

Satellite & Network Simulation

Agile Software Development

Security Engineering

MOD Engineering Support

Providing highly skilled engineering resource into the £multi-billion Skynet 6 Military Satellite Communications Programme.

Satellite Payload VV&T

Delivery of comprehensive integration, validation, verification, and testing for Satellite Payload Operation.

In-Theatre Test Terminal

Development of terminal for monitoring end-to-end quality of service and channel performance. 

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