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e2E applies its experience in system-level communication solutions, working with partners and clients to address new challenges, and to support innovation and future looking space technology.

Since 2011, we have been committed to supporting innovation and emerging technology in the space sector. We have previously invested in the development of low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) terminal developments to support the increasing demand for small satellites and other cost-effective platforms, such as UAV’s and High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS), that are being adopted by many industries for numerous applications.

 e2E’s current interest is in these latest emerging innovations that are now taking the space sector and telecommunications industry to new soaring heights: Optical Communications and Satellite 5G/6G.

Satellite 5G/6G

5G and 6G is the next big leap forward for terrestrial and satellite telecommunications, driving the integration of satellite networks into cellular networks on the ground. The convergence of fixed and mobile services is introducing a new set of technologies and evolving 3GPP standards to support the next generation of communication between everyone, everything and everywhere.

Increased functionality expected from 5G (e.g., improved radio level decision making, all-IP networking) together with further equipment miniaturisation and simplification, the lowering capital costs, and more advanced antenna technologies (e.g., electronically steered, liquid crystal display flat panels) will better position satellite delivery towards the edge of the network and ultimately directly into end user device level.

e2E has been involved in previous satellite-based implementations providing systems engineering, test and operational support. We also bring experience in system-level communications solutions, core wireless communications technologies and satellite network resource management to support our partners in addressing the challenges of the integration of satellite into 5G and 6G networks.

Satellite Optical Communications

The rapidly evolving satellite communications sector is facing new technological challenges as prime operators and new space players, planning to launch mega constellations of satellites, are adapting free space optical communications to transmit and receive data. In addition to providing significantly higher data rates and alternative communication options to todays congested radio frequency spectrum, optical communications offer increased security in the communications link, making it very attractive to defence and government applications.

e2E is working with its partners to apply its experience in system-level communications solutions and the development of software-defined technologies to provide scalable solutions for the rapidly growing satellite optical communications market.

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