MoD's Skynet 6 Client Side Support Partner

The Challenge

e2E Services is a key consortia member of MoD’s Client Side Support partner team on the £multi-billion Skynet 6 (SK6) Military Satellite Communications Programme. e2E was set the complex technical challenge of writing the overall SK6 Systems Requirements and a set of Procurement Requirements for each system element, that had to be comprehensive, coherent, comprehensible, correct, and complete.

The Solution

e2E provided a flexible, highly skilled team of over 20 engineers providing Requirements Engineering expertise to the Programme. Our experts hosted Stakeholder engagement to elicit user needs, expectations and gathered other inputs such as information exchange
requirements. The e2E team analysed the User needs and developed the System Requirements using Requirements Engineering of both URD-derived and MODAF architecture generated requirements. We then analysed the “Golden Thread” relationship between user, system and subordinate Project Procurement Requirements to monitor
completeness / correctness and developed requirement “epoching” to Manage Requirements throughout the Product lifecycle.

Customer Benefits

The SK6 System Requirements written by e2E allows the SK6 Programme to closely control acquisition activity and manage requirements, both now and throughout it’s 18- year product lifecycle, and has become the bedrock on which the SK6 acquisition projects rely, providing validation and completeness of the individual Project requirements. The System Requirements have also spawned the major
SK6 Project procurement requirement sets, such as e2E’s Procurement Requirements for the £500million SK6A Satellite System, which passed detailed Scrutiny in its Mission Design Review and is now successfully under Contract.