Industry focused expertise

Our staff base comes from a range of relevant backgrounds in satellite communications and space-related engineering, which allows us to bring a wealth of direct experience, latest Industry thinking and practical skills to any project, initiative or system development. Our technical experts are typically engaged to determine future engineering needs, interpret the technical implications of related market trends and to assist in mapping out technology roadmaps.

We commonly provide expertise in support of large and multifaceted assignments and to guide engineering activities from initial system definition into later in-field operations (i.e. from “end-to-end” [e2E]).

Our engineering pool contains many years of practical experience and know-how from the satellite communications sector to ensure your space, ground and user segment objectives remain time driven and relevant. Having staff that have direct experience of front-line space and ground segment operations means we can provide a measured view on how systems should best be implemented, commissioned and ultimately operated. We will provide recommendations which are based on sound reasoning, are pragmatic, truly client focused and that account for full system lifecycle costs.

The operation of our technical services is managed within our ISO-9001:2018 Quality Management System (QMS). Our certified scope of operation is suitably tailored for the “provision of systems engineering, technical design, software development, test and operational support of communication services and products delivered into the government, military and commercial markets”. Our clients are assured of privacy and security made possible in part from our certified Cyber Essentials accredited IT infrastructure.

Our clients include a wide range of international organisations including the UK MOD, NATO, UK Space Agency, Airbus, SES, Eutelsat, Ericsson, 3, Vodafone, Inmarsat, Avanti, EMS, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Telespazio-VEGA, Thales, Telecom TTI, General Dynamics, IAEA, Leonardo, Polaris Consulting, PA Consulting and SED Systems.

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